As we come to the end of 2021, we want to look back at our last benchmark series. At the start of each quarter for five quarters in a row, we programmed the same series of workouts. We began this in October 2020 and completed it in October 2021. We’re proud of the commitment and intensity you brought to these workouts. The results exemplify this commitment.

We saw hundreds of personal records broken throughout the year and here we have snapshots of the results we saw comparing the final week to the first week of the benchmark series. Well done!

We will be rolling out a new benchmark series at the start of 2022, stay tuned and get excited!

A few notes about the results:

  • There are a handful of scores that are shown with a negative change because the time was slower, but they moved up in weight, to more challenging scales, or to an RX workout.
  • The L-sit registers as a negative change for a bigger score and a positive change for a smaller score. In reality, it is the reverse. Longer times are the positive change!