Week one of the 2021 CrossFit Open is officially complete! Who knew wall walks would show up in an Open workout? Good thing you’ve been practicing them as skill work ;).

This week, teams scored points in several categories: Top 5 RX and Scaled finishes, class attendance, one-off challenges, wearing their team colors on Friday, and taking the judges course. This week’s challenges put geography whizzes to the test in a fill in the U.S. map test and pinned CrossFit nerds against each other in a CrossFit exam.

Every team came to win, shirts and all, but only one sits in first place…


Teams, you still have two more weeks to climb to the top of the leaderboard. Keep coming to class, crushing the challenges, and putting your best foot forward in The Open on Fridays.

Women’s RX Top 5

Who runs the gym? GIRLS, as Beyoncé would say. We have some fit women at Roots. Shoutout to Jess Snapp for actually finishing the workout under the 15-minute time cap. Team Bend and Snapp took the top two RX spots with Megan Wei and Diane Friedman trailing not far behind.

Men’s RX Top 5

Neeb for Speed takes the win for the RX Men with Dave’s 419 finish. Every athlete listed below re-did the workout on Monday. It may have taken time to gauge a workout with wall walks, but they all came back hungry for more.

Women’s Scaled Top 5

Who else went into the scaled version of 21.1 thinking it would be easier than it was? This workout was TOUGH. Sarah Bird flew through the wall walks and single-unders, ending with a time of 11:37. Team Neeb for Speed came in second with a score just 14 seconds behind first place.

Men’s Scaled Top 5

Team Neeb for Speed dominated the Men’s scaled division. We’ve got both Steves sitting at the top of the leaderboard with John Duke in third, all finishing under 12:30.

Tune in TOMORROW for the 21.2 announcement. Join Connor, Nicole, and Josh on YouTube Live for the Roots Update Show right after the workout is announced. They will breakdown 21.2, announce the next team challenges, and share information you’ll need to know heading into the second week of The Open.

Way to CRUSH IT, Roots!