We are officially two weeks into The Open and only have ONE more week left! 21.2 was a blast to the past with a 17.1 repeat workout. We’ve got box jumps, dumbbells, and double unders out of the way, what’s next?

This past week, teams participated in several creative challenges to try to increase their weekly points on top of attendance, Top 5 finishes, and wearing their team color on Friday. We had a cookie bake-off, where teams were given a bag of ingredients and had to recreate their version of a paleo cookie. Cookie Monster Josh and Jessica Beacom put their taste buds to the test to judge the delicacies. We also challenged teams to put together their most creative costumes and wear them to the gym on Monday.

Who came out on top this week? TEAM BEND AND SNAPP

For the second week in a row, Team Bend and Snapp comes out on top! There’s still time to catch up, Team Wolfnado and Neeb for Speed. You’ve got one week left.

Women’s RX Top 5

Jess Snapp is not only good at wall walks, but she is also good at box jumps and burpees. She leads the pack again with a time of 12:24. We’ve got new faces in the Top 5 this week. Nicole and Trina stepped up for their teams in the RX category.

Men’s RX Top 5

Adam Urness and Seth Stadick, welcome to the Top 5! Team Bend and Snapp dominated Men’s RX, but we still have reps from Team Neeb for Speed and Team Wolfnado in the ranks.

Women’s Scaled Top 5

Julie Wood came out on top in the Women’s Scaled division with a score of 10:52. We also have a few new faces on the leaderboard this week. Jennifer Quigley and Leia Schultz, welcome to the Top 5!

Men’s Scaled Top 5

Team Bend and Snapp and Neeb for Speed, where you at? Team Wolfnado took a clean sweep of the Men’s Scaled leaderboard! AWOOOOOOO.

Tune in TODAY at 1 p.m. MST to find out the third and final workout of the 2021 CrossFit Open. Also tune in to the Roots Update Show to watch a breakdown of 21.3, find out the last week of challenges, and learn more updates to end The Open strong. You will find both links in SugarWOD!