Welcome to the official Roots Intramural Open Week 1 Score Report, where we bring you all of the highlights from the week and announce the current leader. Sorry, we don’t have a white leader jersey for the leading team, but the bragging rights are impeccable.

This week, teams could earn points in several categories. Recurring points include: attendance points, wearing team colors (all three teams made kick-ass shirts within just two-weeks time … can we take a minute to appreciate how cool that is?), Top 5 Rx and Scaled scores, and an average of all Open scores.

This week included a pre-Open challenge of most Judges Certificates AND the Week 1 challenge: Cornhole (sorry, Connor Warman, this may be a touchy topic).

Ok, ok, we’ll cut to the chase. Who is leading the 2022 Roots Intramural Open in Week 1?!



It was a close race between the Blue Team and the Green Team throughout the week. Here is the points breakdown:

We Blue It: 1226 points

VirtuJOSHity: 1146 points

Squat Lobsters: 434 points

Team “We Blue It” rose to the top in both the Judges Course challenge and the cornhole tournament, giving them 400 extra points! If you didn’t make it out to the legendary cornhole tournament on Saturday, you missed out. Eric Neeb and Shayna Larsen came to WIN, and they did not disappoint. Neeb, the blue crocs may have given you extra luck.


When it came to the top 21.1 workout scores, however, the Green Team decorated the top of the leaderboard this week. Here are the Top 5 men and women in the RX and scaled categories.

Top 5 RX Women:

1. Jessica Snapp – 300 reps – Team Green (Are we surprised? Gymnastics NINJA!)

2. Amy Jo DiMeglio – 272 reps – Team Blue

3. Megan Buttner – 272 reps – Team Green

4. Amy Smith – 255 reps – Team Blue

5. Sarah Estrella – 253 – Team Green

Top 5 RX Men:

1. Cary Hair – 270 reps – Team Blue

2. Dave Lee – 252 reps – Team Green

3. Seth Stadick – 225 reps – Team Green

4. Josh Haimes – 224 reps – Team Green

5. Adam Urness – 222 reps – Team Green

Top 5 Scaled Women

1. Julie Wood – 360 reps – Team Green

2. Maryjo Ladd – 337 reps – Team Pink

3. Lori Nothwang – 333 reps – Team Green

4. Kerry Musfeldt – 305 reps – Team Green

5. Sarah Bird – 286 reps – Team Green

Top 5 Scaled Men

1. Bob Africa – 330 reps – Team Green

2. CJ Gauss – 268 reps – Team Pink

3. Daniel Garbe – 254 reps – Team Blue

4. Lukas Augenstein – 242 reps – Team Blue

5. Steve Calla – 241 reps – Team Green





This was an epic first week. Teams, you still have two more weeks to get your points up! It’s anyone’s game.

Tune in to the live announcement of Open Workout 22.2 TODAY at 1 p.m. MT at games.crossfit.com.

Wait, there’s more! Don’t forget about the challenges for both Week 2 and Week 3 (clearly, these challenges really help your score). We’re looking for the team with the best one-pot paleo recipe for this week’s challenge. And, on Friday, March 11, we will be hosting the first-ever Roots Talent Show! Start thinking about your acts now. Contact your amazing captains for more information.

Ok, that’s all. Let’s CRUSH 22.2!!