Welcome to the official Roots Intramural Open Week 2 Score Report, where we bring you all of the highlights from the week and announce the current leader.

First, we wanted to correct a miscalculation in last week’s scoring. Jess’ stellar performance in 22.1 wasn’t added to Team Green’s score, which should have been 1246. Therefore, VirtuJOSHity took home the win for Week 1. We apologize for the confusion.

Okay, on to Week 2!

The classes continue to fill up fast during the week as athletes fight for their attendance points (when the Open is done, let’s keep this up!).

Along with the recurring points — attendance, Top 5, team average, doing the workout in class on Fridays, and wearing your team color — teams had the opportunity to earn an extra 200 points for their team through a one-pot cook-off.

The afternoon classes on Monday had a lunch-time treat, when Lukas, Cara, and Ben cooked up the best one-pot paleo meals for chef extraordinaire, Hilary Harris, to taste test.

Team “We Blue It” has a team filled with talent, from corn hole connoisseurs to a professional chef (yes, Lukas is actually a professional chef), and they ultimately took home the win for the best one-pot recipe with Lukas’ take on Cottage Pie — kind of like shepherds pie…but not.

Team VirtuJOSHity and Team “We Blue It” have been fighting for first place since the start.

But, there can only be one winner.

The winner of Week 2 and currently in the overall lead is….

Here is the points breakdown:

VirtuJOSHity: 1201 points — Total: 2447

We Blue It: 1071 points — Total: 2297

Squat Lobsters: 445 points — Total: 879

The members of Team VirtuJOSHity showed up to WIN during 22.2. The team earned the most points in the Top 5 and team average category.

Here are the Top 5 men and women in the RX and scaled categories:

Top 5 RX Women:

1. Jessica Snapp – 9:40 – Green

2. Megan Buttner – 175 – Green

3. Amy Jo DiMeglio – 170 – Blue

4. Trina Ruhland – 166 – Blue

5. Amy Smith – 160 – Blue

Top 5 RX Men:

1. Dave Lee – 183 – Green

2. Ian Blakley – 172 – Green

3. Cary Hair – 168 – Blue

4. Seth Stadick – 157 – Green

5. Brett Zimmerman – 147 – Blue

Top 5 Scaled Women:

1. Julie Wood – 9:57 – Green

2. Amber Hickory – 198 – Green

3. Leia Schultz – 178 – Pink

4. Maryjo Ladd – 175 – Pink

5. Sarah Bird – 173 – Green

Top 5 Scaled Men:

1. Bob Africa – 9:53 – Green

2. Josh Haimes – 193 – Green

3. Bryan Rech – 178 – Pink

4. Lukas Augenstein – 168 – Blue

5. Eric Neeb – 164 – Blue

Don’t forget, we have TWO challenges this week to give teams the opportunity to earn extra points before the final tally.

On Friday, March 11, join us at CrossFit Roots at 5 p.m. to cheer on the 5 p.m. crew then stay for the first-ever CrossFit Roots talent show. All teams can submit as many acts as they want, and the best act will take home the points for their team.

Teams were also tasked to make the best CrossFit-themed diorama. Each team gets one entry, and they are due Monday at 12 p.m. The almighty commissioner, Steve Fezler, will be judging.

Last thing! Tune in to games.crossfit.com at 1 p.m. TODAY to watch the live announcement of 22.3. 

Ok, that’s it for Week 2! Now on to the final week of the Open. It’s the home stretch, so keep coming into class, participating in the weekly challenges, and wearing your team colors on Fridays!

Let’s do this!