Calling all judges! We’re looking for a stellar team of volunteers to judge The Open workouts. Whether you’re already signed up for The Open and plan to compete or want to get involved in a different way, the judges MAKE The Open a huge success. 

Soon, you’ll start to see many CrossFit Judges Course certificates grace the front desk as we head into The Open. Like proud parents hanging their kids’ artwork on the fridge, the coaching staff couldn’t be happier than when our athletes choose to take the course.

The judges course is required for all affiliate managers who will validate Open workouts. It is recommended, yet not required, for individuals who will judge athletes in the Open, to take the course. At Roots, we have always made it part of our Open process that any individual who wishes (and we thank you for judging!) to judge athletes in The Open workouts at Roots must first take and pass the Online Judges Course.

There were many reasons behind our decision to do this, mainly:

  1. The course serves as an excellent education point for both judge and athlete. Our team of judges will hold athletes to a consistent and high standard, one worthy of score submission and validation in the worldwide competition. For the judge who is also competing in the Open, they will gain an in-depth understanding of the standards required and be less prone to the common mental errors that can plague athletes on competition day and decrease their scores.
  2. The course expands and improves the overall knowledge base of our crew of athletes at the shop. When more athletes have a thorough knowledge and understanding of and commitment to the standards of movement in CrossFit the entire level of performance, accountability, and standards at the shop will rise. And those athletes will set a great example throughout the shop throughout the year of how good reps turn out good athletes.
Click Here to Access the 2024 CrossFit Judges Course

“This course offers an introduction to the skills a judge will use during any CrossFit competition. It includes general information on competition rules, regulations, and common movements. Individuals may complete the CrossFit Games Judges Course to develop, refine, or refresh judging skills prior to the Open.”

The cost is $10 and is valid for the calendar year.

Don’t forget to email us your certificate after you take the course so we can print and hang it at the front desk!