Welcome to the 2023 CrossFit Open!

In this blog you’ll find a wealth of information. Please take the time to read through it so you’re in the know and so that you don’t unintentionally screw over your team;). 

Haven’t signed up for the Open yet? There’s still time to sign up HERE.


There are three teams made up of everyone who signed up for the Open. If you haven’t heard from your team captain yet, email [email protected] and we’ll get you hooked up!


Here’s what you can expect each week:

  1. Learn the workout at 1pm MST each Thursday via the LIVE Announcement from CrossFit (see games.crossfit.com).
  2. Wake up on Friday morning and put on your jersey (your team’s colors and team shirt if you ordered one!).
  3. Attend group class on Friday, do The Open workout. OR do the workout outside of class. You have from Thursday at 6pm until Monday at 6pm each week to complete the OPEN workout alongside a registered judge and log your score at games.crossfit.com. No exceptions, like none, nil, zilch.
  4. Continue on a tear through the remainder of the week accumulating group class attendance points (see below for points breakdown).
  5. Log your week’s points in the Google Survey Form sent out every Monday evening. All point submission sheets are due by TUESDAY AT 6PM. NO EXCEPTIONS!


You will need to perform TWO actions each week to log your score and submit your weekly points earned.

Action 1: Submit your score at games.crossfit.com after completing the workout. This MUST be done by Monday at 6 PM (MST) each week. You must submit your score at games.crossfit.com.

Action 2: Fill out the weekly Intramural Google Survey Form that is sent out Monday evening each week. You will record your weekly Individual Points as well as your workout score.

Just to reiterate – you will need to record your weekly score at games.crossfit.com AND you will need to fill out the weekly Intramural Google Survey Form (sent via email). 

You have from the Tuesday prior to each Open workout until Monday to accumulate your weekly class attendance points for that week.

Weekly class attendance points accumulation weeks are:

  • Week 1: Tuesday, February 14 – Monday, February 20
  • Week 2: Tuesday, February 20 – Monday, February 27
  • Week 3: Tuesday, February 28 – Monday, March 6

We’ll remind you about all of this as we get closer, but it wouldn’t hurt to put reminders on your calendar now!


There are three categories of points available to teams each week:

  • Individual points
  • Scored workout placing points
  • Team challenges


Each week, every team member can earn up to 11 points in 3 ways for their team:

Class Attendance Points

Attend 3 or more group classes throughout the week.

5 points – you attended 5 group classes OR personal training sessions TUESDAY – MONDAY of the previous week AND logged your score in SugarWOD FOR EVERY CLASS.*Group class attendance to do The Open workout on Friday counts toward this total!

4 points – you attended 3 group classes TUESDAY – MONDAY of the previous week AND logged your score in SugarWOD FOR EVERY CLASS.*

Do the Open Workout in Class

Complete the Open workout IN a group class on Friday. NOTE! Yes, you get double points here! If you attend group class on Friday it counts toward your weekly attendance total AND in this category.

4 points – do the workout in a group class on Friday OR at another affiliate in a group class.

2 points – do the workout outside of class, with a judge, obviously.

Wear Your Team’s Color

Wear a shirt that sports your team’s color when you do The Open workout and earn 2 points.


  • The Top 5 Men and Women’s scores for Rx and Scaled will earn points for their team.
  • Each week of The Open, there will be additional team scoring options such as highest team average Rx/Scaled and highest scorers in various age divisions.


Help your team earn extra points by participating in fun one-off competitions.

  • Best Team Name
  • Best Team Logo
  • Most Judges Courses Completed
  • Trivia Night – Feb 16
  • Lip Sync Battle – Feb 24
  • Cornhole – March 4


Your team captains are:

  • Jackie Batrus (purple)
  • Lukas Augenstein (blue)
  • Megan Wei (green)


HUGE Shoutout to our members who are sponsoring this year’s Open. Our sponsors really help the Open come to life!

  • Week 1: Dave Colina and O2 Pure Hydration – Enjoy drinks on Dave at Thursday’s trivia night along with surprise giveaways on Friday 2/17!
  • Week 2: Jon Sisenwein and Sarah Brittain at COMPASS have teamed up with Brett Zimmerman at the Boulder Wine Merchant to provide beer and drinks on Friday night 2/24 during Lip Sync Battle.
  • Week 3: Tina Garbe with The Loft Styling Studio – Complete Open 23.3 on Friday 3/3 in class and be entered to win a free haircut from Tina!


Your league commissioner is none other than the one and only Eric Neeb.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your team captain.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

The CrossFit Open Gods

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