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57 Reps for TCH


57 Reps for TCH

Today’s workout comes from Bayou City CrossFit.  Today, it is hosting a fundraiser called 57 Reps for TCH to benefit the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas.  A few of our members requested that we participate in this event which consists of the team workout posted below.

For more information on the cause, the event, and how to contribute, visit the Bayou City CrossFit page.

57 Reps of Each Completed by the Team

1. Box Jumps, 20”
2. Push Press, M 95, Coed 75, W 55
3. Sit ups w/ Dynamex toss, M 20, Coed 16, W 12
4. Lunges w/ dumbell, M 35, Coed 25, W 20
5. Push-ups
6. KB Swings, M 35, Coed 35, W 30
7. Squat w/ dumbell M 35, Coed 25, W 20
8. BURPEES!!!!

CrossFit Roots One Year Anniversary and Family Picnic

The party of the century is just around the corner.  We hope to see you tomorrow at Harlow Platts Park in South Boulder from 12-3pm.

We’ll have meat and drinks.  Please bring an appetizer, side dish, or dessert to share.

And don’t miss the team picture at 1pm!!

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