10 minute AMRAP:
7 deadlifts (275/185)
3 shuttle sprints

Moment of Weightlessness

Yesterday we did DB Squat Cleans in the workout.  One of the most important aspects of a proficient clean, of any kind, is the ability of the athlete to get their hip to full extension prior to getting under the object to receive it.  Full hip extension means the athlete is harnessing the power and full potential of the hips to move the object.  A lack of full hip extension leaves power in the tank.  In addition, full hip extension passed off to a powerful shrug of the shoulders then marks the moment of weightlessness where the bar hangs in the air for a split second allowing the athlete to quickly retreat under the bar and receive it.

Check out this video that our very own Keane sent over to us.  It shows full hip extension as well as the moment of weightlessness of the bar.  Enjoy and thanks for sending Keane!

Have you felt the moment of weightlessness in your lifts?  Post to comments.