TUESDAY, JANUARY 17TH, 7:00PM – FOOD CHALK TALK (immediately after info meeting)
Attend one or BOTH!

Also, do you recognize this picture on the main site today?


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Get ready for the Open! We'll spend the next few months hitting an old Open, Sectionals, or Regionals workout in Monday's group classes.

Stronger, Faster, Healthier Pre-Order

Announcing the first Stronger, Faster, Healthier product pre-order!

Stronger, Faster, Healthier (SFH) makes fantastic high quality fish oil and whey protein powders.

Are we recommending you take fish oil?  Well, we’re not doctors, but we think fish oil is probably the single best supplement for EVERY athlete.

In addition, the SFH line of whey protein powders is top notch, coming from grass fed/grass finished cows.  Are we recommending you start taking protein powder?  Well, no.  We think that real food provides the absolute best recovery meal on the planet; however, there are times when stomaching real food just isn’t a possibility or the on-the-go lifestyle presents refueling challenges.  Rather than going without that post workout recovery meal, whey protein powder is a fantastic bridge.

The SFH pre-order will run through this SATURDAY.  Order forms are available at the shop and should be turned in at the front desk.