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How We Got Here – State of US Health Continued.

Yesterday we dove into some of the how the state of health and fitness in the US came to be so dismal.  Today we want to share with you a bunch of resources for you to explore the topic some more.  Here are a few of our favorite resources, from books, to articles, to blogs, to videos.  Enjoy.

What additional resources would you like to share?  Post to comments.


What if it’s All Been a Big Fat Lie

Is Sugar Toxic?


Good Calories, Bad Calories

Why We Get Fat

Protein Power Life Plan


The Paleo Diet

Everyday Paleo – this woman has it down.  And she has 4 kids so we don’t want to hear “it’s too hard.”

Inherent Appetite – our very own Shane Upchurch, coach at Roots, delves into the world of clean eating.  The recipes are 99% Paleo;)

Dr. Eades – a blog from the author of Protein Power Life Plan