High bar Backsquat
Row 300 meters
20 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Pull-ups
Compare to 3/6/12

Weekly food preparation is part of healthy eating habits. The alternative is to buy pre-made food. Both options work. Here, 2.5 hours of food preparation on a Sunday made all breakfast, lunches, and 1/2 dinners for the week.

Announcing the Spring 2012 Look Good Naked Challenge

You asked for it and it’s here!  The Spring 2012 Look Good Naked Challenge starts Sunday, April 22nd with a week of prep work beginning April 16th.  

Hears a quick overview of the challenge:

  • Strictly Paleo with a Paleo/Zone option 
  • Before and after indicators including mobile hydrostatic body fat testing 
  • 40-day challenge
  • Food log monitoring and guidance
  • Resources including weekly meal plans and shopping lists
  • Required shop attendance
  • Awesome prizes for challenge winners (male and female)

Read below for a thorough outline of the challenge dates, overview, and structure.  Post to comments any questions.  

Sign-up for the challenge opens Wednesday, April 11th and is limited to 30 people.  The registration link will be posted online.

challenge overview

  • This spring’s challenge was designed to be a perfect starting point for individuals who have not yet explored the world of Paleo eating.  In addition, we designed the challenge for Paleo veterans who are moving in a great direction with their Paleo efforts but need to look at some fine tuning.
  • The challenge will be 40 days in length
  • The challenge focus areas are: before and after indicators (hard numbers!), accountability in food consumption and logging, and consistency in shop attendance.   Each area will be measured or tracked throughout the 40 days.
  • The challenge will crown a male and female winner.  Read below for prize information!

challenge calendar

  • Wednesday, April 11th – challenge sign-up made available on MBO
  • Monday, April 16th – mobile hydrostatic body fat testing and Challenge Meeting at 7:00 AM or 6:00 PM (mandatory)
  • Sunday, April 22nd – challenge begins
  • Thursday, May 31 – mobile hydrostatic body fat retest, prizes awarded, and challenge end at the May Cool Cruel Summer Benchmark WOD evening event!

challenge structure in relation to overarching themes

  1. Indicators (before and after) – pictures, body fat percentage and lean body mass, weight.  We have arranged for a mobile hydrostatic body fat truck to come to Roots before and after the challenge (see challenge calendar above for dates)
  2. Accountability – daily food logging and coach monitoring, notes/feedback in log on 2-3 day basis, email communication for questions and guidance
  3. Consistency – workout 5x/week.  Four of those workouts must be WODs (no specialty classes).  Fifth workout can be another WOD, a specialty class, or an outdoor activity.
challenge cost – $180.00 
  • Includes the before and after hydrostatic body fat testing ($60) and bi-weekly coach food log monitoring, feedback, and guidance.

Post questions to comments.