Hey Roots Crew!

Yesterday was nothing short of incredible. In just three short hours, you moved all of CrossFit Roots to our new home and temporary storage unit. I am forever grateful and a giant hurdle has been cleared. Thank you for showing up and for your enthusiasm. Yesterday was one for the books. 

Here is some background and details on the next evolution of Roots! 

As many of you know, finding a new place on short notice was super challenging. While our list of requirements is somewhat small – high ceilings, garage doors, and a place to go to the bathroom – this proved not easy to find!

In the end, we opted for super high ceilings, sweet garage doors, and a great building with tons of potential over some other considerations. 

We are insanely happy with our new space, and although it’s about 1/3rd smaller than our existing training floor, I honestly know we’ll settle in great. In the words of Brett Zimmerman, “we are slightly over-served at our current space.” This is true.  

I would be lying to you if I said it was the same gorgeous masterpiece that is our current space – because that took a decade to create! That being said, the team at Roots is inviting you along for the ride as we improve, develop, grow, and mold this new space to make it our new home. 

In the coming weeks, you’ll see: 

  • Three glass garage doors installed in the space
  • Wallball lines and targets painted
  • Space-saving storage and shelving additions from Rogue
  • Rig, rope, and muscle-up placement and tweaking
  • Working in all the little details that make it home

We know things won’t be the same. For ten years, some of you have been working out in the same spot on the shop floor at 5:30 a.m.! But we know that each of you will find a new “same spot”, pull-up bar, wall ball set-up, and more at our new space! What’s more is that we are confident that everything we’re able to do now at Roots will be possible at the new shop in a little less square footage (maybe not showering in the immediate, but we’re working on that!). 

We’re always here to talk, so if there’s something you think we’re missing in the coming months, let us know. It might be in the works or something we just haven’t thought of! But let us know. The current space evolved over many years of trying to make things a tad more efficient, a tad more tidy, a tad more fun – all the while keeping it real. No gimmicks, no fluff. 

I know I’ve said this several times over the past few months, but thank you for the care and commitment. It’s been an uncertain time for everyone, and we all made it by supporting each other. 

We’re excited to start the next chapter, put our heads down, and absolutely crush this next evolution. 

Big hugs,