Hey Roots Crew!

We dropped the ball on dishing out our ask for the parking arrangement at our new space. 

Please do us a huge favor AND be great neighbors in our new community by helping us follow the parking arrangements we agreed to at our new spot. 

Where can I park? 

You can park immediately in front of CrossFit Roots. Think roughly 16 spaces on both sides of the parking lot in the area extends from our business. 

Additionally, there is AMPLE parking along the street immediately in front of the entire building. And, there is also tons of parking on the south side of the building. All of that is fair game.

Neither of these options is a “far walk” — use your fitness. 

Where can’t I park?

Please do not park in front of Slade Glass. Their employees need easy access to get in and out as they do work throughout the day. If they ask you to move your car, we ask that you politely oblige. 

Please help us become great neighbors. Your cooperation is expected;).