Dear Governor Polis,

I am the owner of CrossFit Roots in Boulder, Colorado – a small business I founded in 2009 that serves 400 members and employs 11 individuals, in a 10,000 square foot 1-room facility.

As the owner of the gym and a constituent, I ask that the State of Colorado expand the reopening guidelines and allowances for small athletic training centers. Specifically, I ask that the State provide guidelines on reopening based on square footage and the resulting social distancing that can be maintained. In addition, I ask that the State also allow small group training classes (10 persons or fewer) to operate within the facility, provided it meets the necessary square footage and social distancing requirements.

CrossFit Roots prepared a plan that allowed for social distancing and met all of the requirements as laid out by the State in the Personal Services category; social distancing, temperature checks, health screens, handwashing and hand sanitizer, signage, masks, no shared equipment, and more than 10 feet of separation at all times. This plan is on hold while much of the State is allowed to go back to business (offices, camps, restaurants), some with far riskier behaviors. Meanwhile, the current regulation for gyms allows CrossFit Roots to have just four persons at any given time in a 10,000 square foot room. It is crippling.

The State of Colorado is viewed as one of the healthiest states in the US; however, this is unwarranted because it is relative to the severely unhealthy and chronically diseased population of America. With 7 out of every 10 deaths in Colorado attributed to chronic disease (Source:, we have tremendous work to do for the people of Colorado and in light of the current pandemic’s ties to chronic and preventable diseases.

This change starts at the local level – through in-person training, coaching, nutrition, and fitness. The health that results from these elements is something my CrossFit gym has a proven track record of realizing for the people that come through its doors.

Fitness and recreation businesses come in all shapes and sizes and a one size fits all approach will keep my gym and other small fitness businesses from implementing a responsible and common-sense plan to reopen safely.

Thank you for your efforts over the past twelve weeks. They have not gone unnoticed.

Proud Coloradan,
Nicole Christensen

CrossFit Roots
2406 30th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80301