Important updates about the upcoming week and beyond!

Closure (ie why we had to shut down again…)

As we’re sure you’re all aware of – we’re not open for our small group classes. After a frustrating week, we had to close back down after Boulder County released additional guidelines that limit us to 3 clients/1 coach in the (entire) gym at a time.

You can read more on that here.

Next Steps

  1. Wait for Governor Polis’ announcement on Friday in regard to the next iteration of the Safer at Home guidelines set to go in effect Monday, May 25th.
  2. (Then) wait for Boulder County’s guidelines in response to Polis’ direction.
  3. If we are able to reopen in the coming week – AWESOME! If we are not able to reopen, our team will reach out to each of you regarding a modified membership structure.

Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the class schedule survey! Your input was SO valuable and we have used it in the next evolution of the virtual schedule. For an overview of survey results, click here.

Virtual Shop Schedule

New virtual shop schedule HERE.

T-shirt Pre-Order!

It’s been a long 10 weeks and while small, we’d like to give each of you a special thank you. This one’s on us! Please note, this t-shirt gift is available for current members only.

Order your tee here!


Join us as we honor our nations fallen heroes. While this year’s Memorial Day Murph will feel different, we can still come together (virtually) to keep the tradition alive.

Monday, May 25th at 9am via Zoom. Warm-up at 9:00am, dedication and the National Anthem at 9:10am, workout kickoff at 9:15am.

To learn more about the workout and various options, see here.

Intramural Team Champions

Join us on Friday, May 22nd at 7:30pm for Your Friday Brief where…we’ll announce the winners for the 2020 Stay-at-Home Intramural Open and check out each team’s TikTok video!

Join us HERE on Zoom.