I am ready to come back to class:

  • 47% of you said HELL YEA!
  • 36.1% of you said Not yet, but soon.
  • 16.9% of you said it’s just not in the cards now or in the foreseeable future

The Top 5 preferred times at the shop:

  • 6:30am
  • 7:30am
  • 9:30am
  • 5:00pm
  • 11:30am

Many of you prefer looking at SugarWOD and doing the workout on your own (45.8%). For those of you who like an online option, you prefer the Zoom class (32.5%) over the pre-recorded version (18.7%).

38.9% of you say you’re using the Zoom or Fiteo option multiple times per week. 24.8% of you “Always mean to, but never seem to find the time.”

Many of you see yourself using a hybrid model of in-person classes and online classes over the next few months.

The Top 5 preferred times for Zoom are:

  • 6:30am (13.4%)
  • 7:30am (22%)
  • 8:30am (11%)
  • 9:30am (13.4%)
  • 11:30am (19.5%)

You want help with:

  1. Consistency of workouts.
  2. Working on a skill or proficiency at home.
  3. Eating better under the umbrella of COVID-19, chronic disease, and lasting nutrition.
  4. Setting goals and accountability.