Dear Roots Crew, 

On Friday afternoon, Boulder County issued updated guidelines for gyms. 
Under the new guidelines, we will not be permitted to hold our small training sessions. The guidelines, as laid out under the personal services category – where we had to have less than 10 people in the space at any given time, maintain 6 feet of social distancing at all times, wear masks, and take the proper precautions in our 10,000 square foot room – are overridden by this updated guideline.
Personal training is permitted, but no more than 3 people can be in the shop at any given time. The new guidelines are required by all fitness studios and gyms, independent of size or layout.

We are devastated by this news. Our team has worked diligently over the past ten days to prepare for this next step and come up with a hybrid in-person and virtual option for you. We were pumped to see you smiling face masks;).

At Roots, we take pride in doing what’s right and doing our part. We are just as frustrated as you are but will remain positive and start work on our next evolution.

Our team will take two days to examine our next steps and backtrack from what we have put in place. All Zoom classes will not take place on Monday and Tuesday of this week, although programming will be available on SugarWOD and Fiteo will provide access to the prerecorded class. Please get in your workout. 

We’ll be back on Wednesday ready to rock with updated information and options for you. 

Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your support. And thank you for allowing us to play a role in your health and fitness during this time. It’s what keeps us going. 

Best, Nicole