What do CrossFit Roots and Marvel Universe LIVE! have to do with one another? Read below to find out!
Many of you know Taylor and Gary Castriota at the shop. This awesome couple comes through Roots each March when on break from their traveling show. That show is Marvel Universe LIVE! where Taylor plays one of the female lead characters Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy (she’s also a badass stunt performer) and Gary is the Head Carpenter for the show.

Taylor grew up in Boulder and did The Open at Roots this year.

This weekend, Marvel Universe LIVE! is coming to the Pepsi Center in Denver for six shows from Friday through Sunday. And, Taylor and Gary have offered Roots members and their families $15 tickets to the show!
Are you or your kids Marvel fans? Want to go to the show? CLICK HERE to reserve tickets for any of six shows this coming weekend.
A huge thank you to Taylor and Gary for this special opportunity. We know a number of Roots families will be very excited!
And, here’s a fun sneak peak about the making of the show!