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The Person Next to You is Also Nervous


The Person Next to You is Also Nervous

Every day at CrossFit Roots athletes are nervous, fearful, and anxious about the workout (they’re also excited, happy, and motivated). Perhaps the movements are new to them, or the length of the workout seems impossible, or the workout contains a movement that is not their favorite.

It came to my attention awhile back that while everyone at the shop has those run of emotions prior to each class, none of you think anyone else has them!

It came to my attention awhile back that while everyone at the shop has those run of emotions before each class, none of you think anyone else has them! NOT TRUE! You each have your pre-workout demons, so to speak, and none of them are more or less powerful than the person standing next to you at the whiteboard. Everyone goes through a range of emotions before a workout. So rest assured that you’re in a room with good company.
The coaches get a little sad when we hear that an athlete didn’t come to class because the workout looked hard, scary, or something they just couldn’t imagine doing. I’m reminded of a great scene from Jerry McGuire when Jerry is pleading to Ray, “Help me, help me, help me help you!” We want to help you!
I want to take a moment to remind everyone of a few things…
First, we always have your back. Your job is to show up to class and give us your 100% effort. Our job is to dial in your workout to something that is challenging, yet not defeating. Athletes have told us that they feel they’re a burden when they ask for modifications or alternate scaling options. It’s never a burden! – it’s one of the most fun parts about coaching and our job. Of course, you can’t ask to skip out or change movements simply because you don’t like them –  that would be silly, and soooooo un-CrossFit, and we would say no, obvi.
On the flip side, our goal is not to let your workouts develop a mediocre you – we’re working to bring out the badass in everyone, and sometimes that means helping you see that you’re capable of just a little bit more.
Second, we often hear athletes comment after completing a workout that they “surprised” themselves in their abilities or they didn’t think they could do that. Remember this the next time you see a workout posted and believe that you can’t do it.

Take a look at the photo above. Of the 93 people in this picture, do you think there is a single person who wasn’t a little nervous about something? Who knows what they were nervous about:

  • Did I wear the right shoes to run and snatch?
  • I want to do 25-lb dumbbell cleans, can I do that with someone here?
  • Can I do that many snatches?
  • What weight should I use?
  • Am I fit enough to do this?
  • Will I get done with the workout before all of the food is gone?

It could be anything. But we’re all going through it in our own way, and it’s all valid. So relax, take it in, and enjoy the ride – and remember that we’ve got your back!
Have you ever looked at a workout on the website and thought, “there’s no way I will be able to do that” only to surprise you at what you accomplished? Post to comments!

2 Responses

  1. LibraLynx

    Thanks for this post it is what I needed. As a relatively new Crossfitter, I run into this mindset almost each class I sign up for. The one thing age has brought me is the willingness to check my ego at the door and ask for help. One of the best attributes Roots has is how accessible ALL of the coaches are to support me in developing good form and challenging my boundaries. Thank you for the community you have created. Brett O.

  2. Yes. I pretty much have that ‘surprise’ weekly thanks to all of the amazing coaches at Roots who are always willing to modify what I can’t do (err, wallballs) and push me just a little harder at what I can do – and can do just a little better each time.