Ready to take your strict pull-ups from 0-1 or 1 to many in 2018? Look no further than the Year of the (Strict) Pull-up. You can read more about the program, offered free to all Roots members, here.
Here’s how to access the weekly accessory work on SugarWOD.

1. Open your SugarWOD app.

Don’t have SugarWOD? Shame on you! Download here!

2. Look for the Workout of the Day below the photo and announcement.

3. Touch Workout of the Day and a drop-down menu will appear. Select Year of the (Strict) Pull-up.

4. View your work for the day. The weekly program is loaded into M, W, and F of each week; however, do the work on the days that work for you and your training!


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