We are excited to kick off the 2018/19 CrossFit Kids, Middle School, and High School programs next week at Roots.
See below for important information regarding our program, fall schedule, program policies, EMSC punch cards, and short bios on our Program Director and coaches.
We look forward to working with you and your child throughout the following year!

Program Overview

Please take a moment to read through and discuss our program overview with your child.
Our program is grounded in three principles: moving well, working hard, and having fun.
We hold high standards in our progression of mechanics, consistency, and then intensity to ensure that athletes stay safe and develop over time. This means doing a movement correctly, over and over again, before we focus on doing it faster or adding weights. By fixing movement patterns in the gym, we help keep young athletes safe in life and their athletic endeavors.
Our programming includes lots of explosive exercises – jumping, power cleans, and Olympic lifts. We also include a wide variety of other movements that challenge athletes in many ways. Constantly varying the challenge leads to constant adaptation rather than stagnation.
Lastly, we aim to have lots of fun while working hard. This is not a boot camp; we will not yell at you. The beauty of our program is that you get to show your own motivation, evaluate it, and hone it. The program is infinitely scalable – we can make it harder, for each athlete individually, forever.
Together, we’ll find out how hard we’re willing to work, how tough we can be, and how ready we’ll be for whatever life throws our way.

Fall Schedule

Middle School (MS) and High School (HS)
4-5pm: HS
5-5:45pm: MS
5-6pm: MS/HS Combined
4-5pm: HS
4-5pm: HS
5-5:45pm: MS
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Kids will be offered on select Saturdays throughout the fall at 9:00am. We will communicate the upcoming month’s schedule via the blog and email.

Program Policies

  • Please remember to bring a water bottle.
  • Athletes should wear shorts and a t-shirt.
  • Children need to sign themselves into the class using the iPads at the Front Desk upon arrival for every class. If they receive a notification on the screen to “See the Front Desk”, please have them notify their coach.

Meet Your Coaches

Trevor Gibson – Program Director
Trevor is a Certified CrossFit Trainer (CF-L3) with a M.A. in Education from Stanford. Trevor’s experience working with kids is extensive and diverse. He works on the CrossFit Headquarters Kids Seminar Staff, teaches math at Scott Carpenter Middle School in Westminster, is an officer in the Marines Corps Reserves, and a dad to two little girls. He has been the director of the CrossFit Kids, Middle School, and High School programs at Roots since 2013. Trevor believes that kids and teens thrive in a fun and hard-working environment. Contact Trevor.
Dave Lee
Dave Lee is back for his third year as a coach in the CrossFit Middle School and High School program. Dave has an extensive background in climbing – both rock and ice – and has built a solid resume of climbing routes spanning Colorado to California to Alaska.
Cody Woodward
We are pleased to welcome Cody to the staff for the upcoming year. Cody is a full-time coach at CrossFit Roots and former Army Medic. Cody finds enjoyment in helping athletes of all ability levels improve their fitness and be successful in group classes.