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Back Extension Part 2


Back Extension Part 2

Take 20 minutes, after warm-up, to establish a new 1 rep max backsquat.
No set # of attempts in 20 minutes BUT it is a hard 20 minute cut-off.  

Back Extension Part 2

Yesterday we detailed the back extension.  Today we add a video.  Be sure to read through the information from yesterday’s post in regard to set-up and execution of the lift.

In the above video, Nicole performs two reps of a back extension.  A few things to note:

– Athlete tucks the chin to the neck and rolls down, one vertebrae at a time
– The range of motion of this movement is small compared to the hip extension and the GHD sit-up
– The movement should be done slow and controlled, especially when first learning
– Athletes should be able to perform 25 repetitions in a row, smooth and controlled

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  1. Whoa, really? Man, I’ve been doing back extensions much deeper…like head to the floor (think hip extension), back at right angle to hips and then extending my lumbar spine into its full secondary curve, or tucking the tailbone / butt out before starting to roll all the way back up vertebrae by vertebrae. No wonder I can only do 12. So, the idea is to NOT go beyond a flat lumbar spine before coming back up…okay. Thanks for the video.