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Back to the Start


Back to the Start

wall ball (20/14)
burpee pull-ups

Back to the Start

Thanks to Fraser for sharing this video.  Paleo, primal, warrior, non-processed, and the many varieties of a more natural diet have led many folks at the shop to change their purchasing habits.  From buying whole grass-fed/grass-finished cows to joining farm shares folks at Roots are certainly going back to the roots.

What are some of the ways you’ve gone “back to the start” in the foods you eat and purchase.  Post to comments.

12 Responses

  1. Stephanie

    There are so many great options for getting good quality meats in this area that WF doesn’t even seem that great. We have a deep freezer in our garage that has held grass-fed beef quarters, pastured pork halves and truly free-range chicken from a poultry CSA. With only a couple of exceptions over the last year, have also avoided buying eggs from the grocery store thanks to 3 different farms within a couple of miles of our house. We have just needed to learn how to cook unfamiliar cuts of meat, but that has been fun too!

      1. Stephanie

         Jodar Farms in Ft. Collins.  He offers a poultry CSA, but sign-ups happened back in January for the CSA that started in May and runs through October.  He is also our source for pork and could be our source for some other things too (duck? rabbit?) but so far we just buy half pigs from him.

        1. lauren

          Last I checked Jodar supplemented with GMO feed, do they still?  I know Cure is raising chickens this year, and they are totally non-gmo organic pastured, but $$.  Windsor Dairy also has non-gmo pastured eggs and chickens at their farm store at the Outlook too. 

      2. Stephanie

         Forgot to mention he has a stand on Wed at the Boulder Farmers’ Market, not sure if it is every Wed but he will be there this week for sure.

  2. lauren

    it’s a good ad, but sadly a lot of it is just greenwashing, since Chipotle uses a lot of GMOs in their products and buys meat that’s been fed GMO grains.  

  3. Diane

    Have you checked out Rocky Plains Natural Meats?
    They are located in Dacono, CO about 20 minutes away by I-25.  It’s a Bison farm but he sources great quality meat from Colorado and Wyoming.  We buy all of our meat out there, all 100% Natural, Grass-Fed Lamb, Beef,  Pork, Chicken, Eggs, and Dairy if you do it.
    There’s no sale’s tax out there, so it balances out gas.
    We go about once a week, so if anyone ever wants to coordinate to go out there or ‘place an order’ when we go out, let’s be in touch!!

    1. Diane, 
      I’d be grateful to go out on field trip with you sometime and/or place an order if you’d be willing! Also, there’s going to be some space clearing up in the garage where I rent, so I’m in market for smallish (can definitely be used!) chest freezer if anyone knows of one that might be avail end of this month?  Thanks!!  Your pal CAL

    2. Grandpa Mojo

      Diane – thanks for this link. I will definitely be planning a trip out there to load up my freezer. – If I like the stuff, yes… I’d be glad to coordinate w/ others so that only one of us has to head out there to buy occasionally…

    3. Jasmine

      I’ve been meaning to check out Rocky Plains.  I live in Longmont, so Dacono isn’t too far from me 🙂  I may have to visit them later this week.  

  4. Molly Molter

    Widsom poultry also has quality chicken and eggs on Saturdays at the market. They are from Haxtun, CO