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Before and After


Before and After

5 rounds for time of:
400m run
15 Overhead squat 95/65

This is part of your Yearly Benchmark Series.  Log your results.


The calm before the storm.

Before and After

This is Boulder and it’s no secret that most Boulderites are pretty darn active.  Unless CrossFit is your sport of choice you’re probably at Roots to improve your overall heath, increase your performance in other areas of your life, or a combination of both.  Today we want to know, how is it going?

Have you noticed any differences in other areas of your life that you attribute to your time with CrossFit?  How have things, sports, hobbies, etc. changed from before and after CrossFit?  Give us the good, the bad and of course, the funny!

5 Responses

  1. Mark Eller

    CF has made me acutely aware of how weak and inflexible I’ve become after a decade or two of cycling and running. But what it has really taught me is that I’m getting perilously close to getting smoked by my wife in a 100-meter dash. Time to work on that.

  2. I’m pretty sure crossfit opened the door to my new aspirations to go pro in softball. Play new sports after all right?! And I have a feeling that once I take on line-dancing and 2-stepping as my next sport I will crush them as well, due to crossfit obvi.

  3. Before CF I sat around all day being a desk jockey aside from an occasional hike and riding my bicycle everywhere. Now, I’m able to feel healthy and active even though I sit professionally.
    My mental health has also vastly benefited. Confidence and focus have improved. Moods are just generally better.
    I also never took my shirt off in public before Roots.