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Bolder Boulder Results


Bolder Boulder Results

Athlete choice!

Today you can choose to retest your Paleo 2.0 metcon OR participate in a skill session.

Paleo 2.0 METCON:
As many rounds as possible in 20 min. of:
200m run
5 pullups, 
10 kettlebell swing 24/16k,
15 pushups

– the kipping and butterfly pull-up
– scaled versions of the muscle-up
– headstands

Chad ran the Bolder Boulder faster this year than last year and in his Five Fingers.




Ok, Brag a Little Bit

Many of your ran the Bolder Boulder this past weekend with great success and with little running training in the months leading up to the race.  How did you time compare to last year?  How much running did you do leading up to the race this year compared to last?  And, how did it feel? Share and post to comments.

6 Responses

  1. Chad

    I stopped running when I started CF ~10 months ago except for the running in the WODs. In mid-April I started to run once on the weekends for ~4-8 miles. Ended up shaving ~1min 15sec off of last years BB time where I had been doing training runs 3-4 times a week. I’d say the medium to long Metcons are what have helped me the most. They have built up my high intensity endurance which I was not getting in regular training runs.

  2. Chris D

    Running has always been my staple but I also have stopped much of my running since joining CRR. CF has been just to much fun. The BB was the longest non-trail run I had done with my FiveFingers and the pavement was felt but it was good fun and I was pretty happy with my time (46:+ min). I havent done the BB in many years but I think I did pretty well for no specific training.

    BTW…. anyone else running the Imogene Pass in Sept?… No, I wont be doing it in my FiveFingers.

  3. I PR’ed by 9 minutes (with two texas sized blisters to boot) to 55:25. I felt stronger and much, much faster.

    Next year I’ll make sure to get in a heat not so far back so I can avoid dodging walkers the entire time.

    Super fun race.

  4. Karen Kirby

    Well, considering that I am not a good runner, and that I forgot my asthma inhaler and ran with compromised lung capacity…. I still shaved 8 minutes off my best time ever and ALMOST ran the whole thing. My time was 71 minutes. Pretty good for me!

  5. Kay Cee Jacobson

    Many of you know I have a 10 month old baby. I have not run more than 5 miles in over 2 years. My training included a few 4-5 mile runs with the stoller. I finished in under 1 hour – 58 minutes to be exact – which was my stretch goal. It was not a PR for me, but it was a huge step in my pastpartum comeback. My whole body and self esteem have changed in the last 6 months since I started CF in ernest.

  6. In the month leading up to the BB, I did a longer training run every weekend and then just the running at CrossFit. I felt super-strong running the race and shaved three minutes off my time from last year. Additionally, I wasn’t sore after the race AND ran a negative split. Holla!