Hello Roots Crew!
We wanted to provide a quick reminder of the changes to the late cancel policy that are effective March 1. 
We recently made the policy to be more flexible to you by reducing the late cancel window to 2 hours (from 12 hours). With this change, you will be subject to the $10 fee for every late cancel/no show.  A “no show” is equivalent to a late cancel.
We announced this on the blog in early February. You should have been asked to re-agree to your membership within MBO over the last week or so upon log-in. A copy is also always kept on our website
Some of you in this past month have received some Late Cancel or No Show automated emails from MBO. This helps keep you and our back office on the same page regarding attendance. If you receive one in error, please just let us know by replying as soon as possible to the thread to avoid an errant charge. And of course, be sure to make “checking in” the first thing you do when you arrive at Roots; that has been most of the errors so far. Alert a coach if there are any iPad system issues!
We appreciate your support with this change; it allows us to effectively manage a large gym committed to running small classes. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions to [email protected].
Now go crush 18.2 tomorrow!