Thank you to all of those who participated in the #800gChallenge! We received a lot of positive feedback throughout the challenge and are thrilled that people found the metric to be a useful way to include more fruit and vegetables in their life. We do hope you use the metric past this official challenge. Consider it a “daily” challenge to continue to guide high-quality choices but without that pesky logging!
It was a tight race throughout most of the challenge, and we finished with an 11-way tie in terms of point totals for first place. These individuals scored perfectly for the entire challenge:

  • Alice P
  • Dre O
  • Arlene B
  • Bryan F
  • Diane F
  • Jaala S
  • Jennifer A
  • Jessica H
  • Michael T
  • Peggy L
  • Sylvia C

While we know many were just as consistent in their #800g practice, these individuals also logged consistency throughout the challenge and got all the workout points!
As specified in week 2, tiebreaks were decided based on total diversity across the challenge. To decide this, we created a standardized bank of foods to evaluate each person’s 28 days. While different varieties and colors “counted” towards diversity each day during the challenge, they did not count for the tie-break. For example:

  • All bell peppers regardless of color counted as “peppers,” black or green olives were just “olives”, red or green cabbage was just “cabbage”, etc.
  • “Baby” varieties were the same as the parent version (i.e., baby kale was the same as kale).
  • Cherry and grape tomatoes were just “tomatoes.”
  • Fermented variations were the same as the parent (i.e., sauerkraut was the same as cabbage).  
  • We collapsed the orange-family (i.e., oranges, tangerines, mandarins, etc) for the purposes of the tiebreak.
  • General entries like “fruits” and “roasted veggies” could not be counted due to the lack of specificity.

While we do appreciate there are different nutrient profiles and even phytochemicals from different color items and varieties (which is great for overall health!), we wanted to reward the person with truly the most diverse diet in terms of breadth.

As such, the overall winner (and a free month of membership!) is: Diane F.

  • Second place is awarded to (and a $125 gift card to Whole Foods): Peggy L.
  • Third place is awarded to (and a $75 gift card to Whole Foods): Alice P.

And congratulations, again, to all our runner-up perfect scorers!
We also wanted to recognize a few other individuals ($50 Whole Foods gift card for each member):

  • The Master’s winner is: Marion E (93/104 possible points!)
  • The person with the best entry: CJ G. (“Girl Scout cookies (just kidding, red grapes)”)
  • The person who logged what no one else logged: Bones (Black truffles)
  • The person who averaged the highest average consumption: Abby J (1,160 grams/day!)
  • The winner of the Coaches: Lisa C (102 points!)

We will present the gift cards at Friday Night Lights for Open 18.2! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who participated.