Hey Roots Crew!

We learned yesteday that Boulder County will move to Level Red on Friday, November 20th.

In short, we are required to move to 9 person classes. Tomorrow, our team will meet to make a plan and make the needed changes to the schedule.

Please continue to check SugarWOD for up to date information.

Track Down A Pair of Dumbbells

In addition, we also recommend that you track down a set of dumbbells if you want to be prepared for a possible mandatory gym closure.

While we are permitted to be open now, we do feel in some ways that a complete shutdown of gyms is looming. Never fear – we have a great plan in place, should we shut down, to keep your fitness at the forefront of your at-home time!

We will aim to loan out equipment to current members; however, a set of dumbbells goes a long way! In short – you can do everything with a set of DBs (a set of KBs of the same weight will also work great!).

What Weight Should I Get?

Aim to get a set of DBs that makes for a challenging but doable squat when using both dumbbells. The same would apply for a set of KBs.

Another good rule of thumb is to get a set where you could do 15 reps unbroken (one time) with a steady clip when using both dumbbells.

Here are a few places to look for DBs…

With a bit of daily diligence, you’ll be able to track down a set in no time – promise.

  1. Rogue (new stock is added every day)
  2. Play it Again Sports Boulder (call first and ask what is in stock, call every day)
  3. Amazon
  4. The friend who thought they would do at-home fitness during the first shutdown but never did. Buy their DBs.

Keep getting after it. You got this.