The problem with hiring awesome wonderful motivated college students is that they eventually graduate.

We are delighted and proud but also sad to announce that James has accepted a job with Oracle NetSuite and will start shortly after he graduates in May.

James has been the smiling and hardworking face of our front desk throughout his college career. More recently, he has taken the lead on our CrossFit Kids and Teens programs.

James will be working for Oracle NetSuite, a cloud computing company that provides business tools to about 20,000 companies. He’ll be entering the sales program and working in the Denver office so we hope he’ll make the way up to Boulder for some weekend workouts!

And, he will have to wear a shirt the WHOLE TIME at work.

James, I speak for all of us when I say that Roots is a better place because of you. We will miss you. Let’s live it up these last few months!