Hey Roots Crew!

We are committed to staying open, as long as we are permitted to do so, and also want to be responsible during this time. Your fitness is an integral part of your health and we believe in the importance of your time in the gym, especially during times like this.

We’ll piggyback on some great verbiage from our friends at Pica’s Mexican Taqueria “We are working to do what is “right” and “ethical.” As a small business, it is a tough call and a fine line.”

We understand that this time can be unsettling and we want you to feel as confident as possible when you come in for your workout. We also want to communicate that our gym has a wide age range, including our Vitality group who are in their 60s-80s. It is important to us that we look out for them as best we can. 

Gym Cleaning: We have upped our daily cleaning efforts with nightly additional wipe downs of communal areas such as the lounge, cubbies, and doorknobs. 

We’ll Check You In: In addition and until further notice, check-in for class will be done at the whiteboard by a coach and on a coach’s iPad. Please note that you do still need to signup in advance for classes via MBO.

Athlete Equipment Wipe Down: Going forward, we will ask that all athletes wipe down all equipment after every use. This will be organized at the close of each class. If you are there for Open Shop, please remember to complete this step. Additionally, there are extra bottles of cleaning solution and blue paper wipes available around the gym for use. Additionally, if you would like to wipe down your equipment before you start, you are more than welcome to do so.

If You’re Sick: If you’re sick, we ask that you don’t come in for a workout. 

If Your Kid is Sick: If your kid is sick and stays home from school, please do not bring them to the shop for your workout. 

Be Responsible: Currently, we are taking our direction from the Colorado Department of Health and the CDC. We will continue to actively monitor the situation and encourage everyone (even if they haven’t traveled) that is experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms to stay at home. 

Thank you for your commitment to your fitness during this time. We’ll check back in on Monday with some additional resources and information.

In health,
CrossFit Roots