4 rounds for time:
Run 400m
15 power snatch (75/55)
20 Abmat sit-up
Rest 2 minutes between rounds. Rounds 1 and 3 begin with run, rounds 2 and 4 begin with sit-ups. 

Summer may be winding down but this cobbler is a must have before fall! It might be the only Paleo dessert that Eric has ever fallen in love with. I mean, he still loves me, Harriet, and Campbell, but this cobbler is a close second to the three of us!

If you’re like Eric, you’re skeptical of a lot of Paleo “baking” recipes. But not this one from ZenBelly Catering. Chef Simone is on a mission:

To prove that gluten-free and paleo cuisine can be just as gourmet, refined, and artfully presented as what you’d find in a fine bistro. 

Thanks Maura for the recipe!

Brown Butter Peach and Cherry Cobbler recipe HERE.