Join us on the Friday before Veterans Day (Friday, November 10) in group classes as we honor Chad’s life and bring awareness to suicide prevention.

The Workout

Wearing a 45# rucksack, 1,000 step-ups to a 20″ box.

Group Classes on November 10th

We will do this workout in all group classes on Friday 11/10. As always, we will offer scaling options.

We understand that some people may be limited by an hour however we will not stop you from finishing. If you have to stay longer to get it done, we highly encourage you to do so. And we’ll be there to cheer you on.

Why This Workout?

Read here.

How to Support

There are many ways you can support the effort and the goal of increasing suicide awareness:

Come do the workout at Roots. Talk to friends. Smile. Give some high fives. CrossFit Roots is donating $5 to the Navy SEAL Foundation for EACH Roots member who completes the workout on November 10th.

Members can also contribute to this effort on the day of the event.

  1. Donate directly to the Navy Seal Foundation.
  2. Purchase a t-shirt. All proceeds from Chad 1000X patches and t-shirts sold will go to brain and mental health programs funded by the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Suicide Awareness

The Veterans Day “Chad” Hero WOD goes beyond the Veteran, CrossFit, and GORUCK communities — it is for everyone. Chad was the oldest of four siblings and a born overachiever. He was good at everything but couldn’t reach out for help even to those of us who would do anything for him.

There are a lot of people who are struggling, too many lives are lost. Many more we can prevent. We believe that physical health leads to mental health and everybody needs somebody. So, use “Chad” as inspiration. Say his name, honor his story, and live big by sharing your time with friends and those you love. Tomorrow is never promised.