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Colorado Masters Championships Today in Denver!


Colorado Masters Championships Today in Denver!

Visiting Roots this weekend for the Level 1 seminar?  Visit here for local information.

Workout in the Park!  Shine or rain.  Don’t miss out!  Dress accordingly and come with a smile.  Embrace the constant variance.  Click here for directions.

In teams of 3, complete 6 rounds of:
P1: 200m sled drag followed by 200m sprint
P2&3: AMRAP KB swings. Partner can work only while other partner is holding a plank. P2 & 3 made trade-off as desired.
Every partner must complete two sled drag/sprints.

What will Roots be pushing today in the park? Sleds, cars, mobile homes? Come find out!

Masters Championships This Weekend.

They’re rough, they’re tough, and they’re all 35 or older!  The Colorado Masters Championships are THIS weekend in Denver, Colorado.  Check out the details here.  Keep track of the heats, scores, and times, and cheer on the Roots crew.

And, be sure to make it to the Crocktoberfest on Sunday where we’ll celebrate the Masters athletes, crockpots, PaleOMG, and fall.