Today’s workout usually ranks high on the list of most hated WODs. The 10k run. Yeah, running over 6 miles in 90-degree weather is going to be hard. But, let’s face it, CrossFit is hard. 

We had around 33 athletes show up for class today. And seeing a drop in attendance during a running WOD such as the 10k is not unusual, but it shouldn’t be. Running is a skill that needs to be practiced, and just like a snatch or a back squat, it’s not going to become easy overnight. If you don’t come to the WODs with running, you won’t become a better runner. 

We asked a few 4 pm’ers why they joined class today in the peak of heat in the afternoon. This is what they said:


“I felt bad if I would have canceled after seeing it was a 10k. So, judgment?” Rae said laughing. “I definitely feel like I know I can do it, whether I’m going to do it super fast or not. But, I don’t see a 10k run and think, ‘I can’t do that.’”

A piece of advice from Rae:

“I used to not look at the workouts (before class) because I didn’t want to know, or I would probably see the workout and cancel. But now, I know that I can probably scale it. There’s always going to be an option for me.”

If you see a workout that scares you, always know that there will be a scaling option. You will always be able to finish the workout. 


“Well, I’ve never done (a 10k) before so, obviously, it’s good to have a starting place. I’ve done the 10k row a couple of times but it’s very different to carry your body overs space, running. Nobody likes running, so let’s just do it. The unknown and the unknowable. Let’s just run a 10k and see what happens.”

A piece of advice from Courtney:

CrossFit is all about the unknown and the unknowable. It’s about finding your weaknesses and turning them into strengths. That includes running!


“I knew Rae and Dede were coming, and, the truth is, we were texting about it at 10 p.m. last night saying, ‘Are you F’ing kidding me?’ But social pressure made me do it.”

A piece of advice from Paige:

Find a gym buddy to hold you accountable. 

Now, next time you see a 10k run, “Dallas,” or any workout that feels gut-wrenching, just do it. It’ll be worth it.