For the month of August, you will see some of these elements (and sometimes multiple) in class to help you improve your pull-ups, handstand push-ups, L-sits, and handstand walking.

Read below for each set of skill work and scaling options.

Strict pull-up

5×5 weighted strict pull-ups


  • Bodyweight
  • Spotted or box assisted
  • Band assisted

Handstand Push-Up

5×5 strict HSPU


  • Partner spot
  • Piked HSPU with deficit (from toes)
  • Piked HSPU – toes on box
  • Piked HSPU – knees on box


Reverse Tabata L-Sit:

8 rounds of: 10-sec. work, 20-sec. rest


  • 1 foot out
  • Tuck hold
  • Tuck with hands on boxes

Handstand Walking

5-min. open handstand walking practice


  • Kick-up or shoulder tap practice