A few weeks ago, Connor competed at the CrossFit West Coast Classic Semifinal event. Although the weather was over 100-degrees in Las Vegas, Nevada, Connor showed up ready to work hard, with a group of fans from Roots cheering him on in the stands behind him. 

If you weren’t able to watch Connor compete, read on for highlights from the weekend! 

Event 1: Regionals Snatch Ladder 2016

10 squat snatches (185 lb.), by 2:00

8 squat snatches (205 lb.), by 4:00

6 squat snatches (225 lb.), by 6:00

4 squat snatches (245 lb.), by 8:00

2 squat snatches (265 lb.), by 11:00

Starting in Lane 3, Connor plowed through a total of 30 heavy snatches in the Regionals Snatch Ladder. With one minute left on the clock, Connor took a breath, approached his bar, and snatched one last time at 265 lb. before running to the finish line before the 11-minute time cap. 

Skip to 2:58:00 to watch Connor’s heat and 3:08:35 to watch him finish his last few reps of snatches before crossing the finish line. 

Place: 17th

Event 2: Legless 2013

For time:

27 thrusters (95 lb.)

4 legless rope climbs

21 thrusters

3 legless rope climbs

15 thrusters

2 legless rope climbs

9 thrusters

1 legless rope climb

Connor started the event strong with a consistent pace on the thrusters and the legless rope climbs. He finished the event in 6:15:66 with plenty of time to spare before the 10 minute cap. 

Place: 22nd

Skip to 4:50:00 to watch Connor’s heat. 

Event 3: 2019 Ruck Run 2.0

For time:

6,000-m ruck run

Men: 20-40-50-60 lb, increasing each lap

Starting early on Saturday morning to beat the heat, the men and women ran together for this event.

Watch Connor during “2019 Ruck Run 2.0” starting at 1:07:00.

Place: 12th

Event 4: Triple-G Chipper 2017

For time:

100 pull-ups

80 GHD sit-ups

60 One-legged squats, alternating

40-cal. row

20 single-arm dumbbell push presses (100 lb.)

Day 4 of the West Coast Classic started with a long, grueling chipper workout. Connor, wearing the bright pink shirt, had no trouble accumulating 100 pull-ups and went on to finish the event in a 14:26:55 before the 15-minute time cap. 

Skip to 3:20:00 to watch Connor’s heat. 

Place: 27th

Event 5: Regionals Finale 2017

For time:

30/25 Calorie bike

20 burpee box jump-overs (30 in.)

10 D-ball cleans (150 lb.)

Five events down, two to go. Skip to 5:22:01 to watch Connor’s heat. 

Place: 25th

Event 6: Push Pull 2014 2.0

For time:

9 strict deficit handstand push-ups

18 toes-to-bars

60-ft. sled pull

60-ft. sled push

10 strict deficit handstand push-ups

20 toes-to-bars

60-ft. sled pull

60-ft. sled push

11 strict deficit handstand push-ups

22 toes-to-bars

60-ft. sled pull

60-ft. sled push

12 strict deficit handstand push-ups

24 toes-to-bars

60-ft. sled pull

60-ft. sled push

Another chipper workout in the second to last workout of the Semifinal event. Connor started Day 3 with a series of push-pull movements before heading into the final event. 

Skip to 3:10:25 to watch Connor’s heat. 

Place: 28th

Event 7: Regionals Closer 2015

For time:

15 ring muscle-ups

1 squat clean (235 lb.)

1 squat clean (255 lb.)

1 squat clean (275 lb.)

1 squat clean (285 lb.)

1 squat clean (295 lb.)

The highlight of this workout? Mat Fraser in awe after Connor’s incredible save at 295 lb. 

Skip to 5:07:00 to watch Connor’s heat and 5:11:00 to watch his last rep. 

Place: 30th

Watch Connor’s final rep with Fraser in the background here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQXWu5IBU8A/

Final standing: 27th place