150 wallballs for time (20/14)

Sumo what!?

Sumo what!?

Cool Cruel Summer Workouts – You Pick!

It’s that time of year again. The Cool Cruel Summer Series is just around the corner with four summer fun evenings of workouts and happy hour.

From the months of June though September, join us at the shop on the third Thursday of each month for a benchmark workout, food, drinks, some Paleo flip cup, and fun.

What is the Cool Cruel Summer Series? It’s a series of four CrossFit benchmark workouts voted on by Roots members. We’ll make sure to cover a good test of fitness over the four weeks and will include everything from strength to gymnastics movements, short to long time domains, to AMRAPs and for time workouts.

There’s no scoring or judging in this series, it’s all for fun, to get in a great workout, and to celebrate with a drink afterwards. 

All workouts will be a CrossFit benchmark, Girl, or Hero WOD.

We need help from YOU. What workouts do YOU want to see?

The only rules:
1. It has to be a CrossFit benchmark, Girl, or Hero workout (see complete list here).
2. It can’t be a workout already included in the Yearly Benchmark Series. 

Post your votes to comments!