Join us for Roots’ Seventh Annual Paleo Crocktoberfest crock-pot cooking contest! Bring your favorite crock-pot creation and compete against your fellow athletes for the title of Roots’ Ultimate Crocktologist.  

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Compete in Three Categories!

There will be 3 categories of competition – Entrees, Desserts, and Crocktails. There will be a winner in each category as well as an overall crowning of the 2017 Roots’ Ultimate Crocktologist. Entries are judged by our all-star panel of paleo culinary experts based on taste, creativity, and presentation.

Don’t Want to Compete? – Come Socialize and Eat!

We encourage everyone to come, whether or not you’re entering a dish. This event is attended by tons of members! Please come join us, even if you don’t plan on entering a dish to mix, mingle, and try all of the fantastic entries. Please bring a dish or drink to share! 

The Nitty Gritty…

Judging starts promptly at 4:45pm.  Any entries that arrive after 4:45pm will be enjoyed by all but will not be in the running for the title. Eating begins as soon as the judges have had an opportunity to try each entry.
All ingredients must be paleo approved (no grains, no dairy, no legumes). Paleo gray area including, maple, honey, agave, and alcohol can be included but must be disclosed. If you are unsure, ask. We will be happy to approve recipes. Please feel free to post any ingredient questions to comments.
All ingredients must be cooked in the crock-pot (cannot bbq, fry, wok, etc. prior to going in the pot… searing or browning is ok)
Your crock-pot creation will be judged solely on the contents of the crock-pot. Accoutrements and pairings will only count toward presentation points.
Bring your A game and be prepared to share the family recipe (yeah, yeah, you can leave out a key ingredient or two to maintain your edge for next year).
Crock & Roll!