7 rounds for time of:
95-lb. sumo deadlift high pulls, 10 reps
10 ring dips

After being loaded on a bus at 3:30am on Wednesday, flown to The Ranch in Aromas California and performing a grueling 7k trail run followed 10 minutes later by a deadlift pyramid beginning at weights over many of our 1RM and followed by 19 other barbells increasing in weight, and then a mini-chipper involving 20# wallballs for ladies and 30# for the men, some ghd sit-ups and a medball hill sprint, the athletes returned to Carson yesterday morning. In past years the swim event has alway come first but this year athletes had 3 workouts under their belts and the swim was just that; a 500m swim only event. Two days down and three to go.
Now it’s Friday and athletes are back at that familiar stomping-ground, the StubHub Center, and all we really know is they’ll be doing more events over the next 3 days that will eventually identify the fittest in the World. The number and type of workouts are completely unknown, with the exception of a squat clean ladder and Murph, and by the way things have gone down so far, they’ll likely remain so until the last possible minute. Tune in to ESPN3 or the CrossFit channel on YouTube OR come into the shop to watch!
Happy Friday!