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CrossFit Kids Summer Program Survey.


CrossFit Kids Summer Program Survey.

Row 1000 meters
50 Thrusters (45/35lb)
30 Pull-ups 

CrossFit Kids - it's not just about working out!

CrossFit Kids – it’s not just about working out!

CrossFit Kids Summer Program Survey.

Summer is just around the corner and we have BIG plans for the CrossFit Kids Program at Roots. New staff, old staff, box jumps, cheers, Olympic lifting, costumes, squats, pep rallies, and more.  Not sure if CrossFit is right for your kid? Read below for details on CrossFit Kids.

To better serve Roots families and to get a better idea of scheduling, we have developed this survey. If your child is interested in the CrossFit Kids Summer Program please fill out the survey by this Friday. Schedule and sign-ups will begin Tuesday, March 5th. Thank you for your feedback!

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What is CrossFit Kids?

CrossFit Kids is a generalized strength and conditioning program of constantly varied, functional movements. The program utilizes the CrossFit methodology applied in a scaled manner suitable for children and focuses on the concept of pairing fitness with fun. CrossFit Kids incorporates many of the same movements done in the adult classes. Life, sport, and fitness require us to be able to run, jump, throw, hop, leap, pull, and push and our Kids program teaches just that in a fun and supportive environment.

What is a CrossFit Kids Class Like?

An example of a CrossFit Kids class would be a follow-the-leader warm-up, learning a skill or movement with PVC pipe, doing a workout, leap frog races, and would finish up with an obstacle course. The class is run in a fun and encouraging environment that embraces the fact that kids will excel at different skills and exercises at different rates.

Who Can Participate?

Our CrossFit Kids classes are suitable for most kids ages 6-18, although we call the oldest age group “CrossFit Teens.”  Just like CrossFit for adults, CrossFit Kids is scalable to all ability levels. The neat part about CrossFit Kids is the fact that because of the varied nature of the exercises and skills incorporated, every kid will excel and be challenged by different aspects of our program. This creates a fantastic learning and team environment.

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