Open Tally: 47 athletes signed up!

For time:
15 jerks
45 pull-ups
12 jerks
36 pull-ups
9 jerks
27 pull-ups
Use the same load for the jerks that you used for the cleans on Tuesday’s WOD.

The Open is fun and it's challenging. The hard is what makes it fun.

The Open is fun and it’s challenging. The hard is what makes it fun.

The CrossFit Open has come a long way since it first debuted in 2011. Here’s a fun little trivia. Post your guesses to comments.

  1. Workout reporting via the Games site experienced some technical difficulties in 2011. By how many days was the submission time extended for 11.1?
  2. How many workouts were in the Open in 2011 and 2012?
  3. In what year did the Games move from Aromas to The Home Depot Center?
  4. How much was it to compete in the 2011 Open, how much does it cost now?
  5. How many workouts have been repeated over the course of The Open years?