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That's a glass of coconut milk. Don't be fooled, milk, from a cow, is not Paleo.

That’s a glass of coconut milk. Don’t be fooled, milk, from a cow, is not Paleo.

Before I had kids, I swore that my kids would be Paleo. A corn chip would never touch their lips, they would never have sugar, and they would be raised on grassfed meat varieties only.
Well, that didn’t happen.
Now I’m not saying that we eat Cheerios for breakfast, have brownies for snack, and hit McDonald’s every night for dinner – we’re still 90% Paleo – but we have found a balance. 
For the most part, our house remains a temple for good food choices. Sure, during the holidays we let it slide a tad, but we’re quick to get back on the wagon. Staples in the weekly rotation that are not Paleo include rice a few times a week and gluten-free waffles (every) Saturday morning.
Over the holidays I noticed that our holiday spread had trended toward the easy route. Where as in past years we made a delicious, but Paleo, spread, this year we succumbed to easy-to-buy gluten-free treats, candies, and more. We didn’t go the extra mile to stay the course when things were a little out of the norm. In other instances we simply didn’t say “no we’re just not going to have that.”
This then spread to the treats that we make with the kids. Rather than crafting Paleo treats for Harriet (Paleo ice cream or cookies), I went the easy route and made gluten-free cookies with real sugar. I actually bought a bag of real sugar! What the hell was going on?!
Last weekend I sat down and sifted through the many Paleo websites to find acceptable treats I can make for Harriet – especially for those birthday celebrations at school. I came across a few great recipes and particularly fell in love with this one. Sure, it has maple syrup. I’m fine with that. And yes, it does matter if you sift the almond flour – tedious but worth it!
So we’ll go back to making the extra effort, keep our treats Paleo, and we’ll continue to eat corn chips while at Illegal Pete’s.
How do you find balance? Or do you keep it black and white? Post to comments.