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CrossFit Roots Grand Opening!


CrossFit Roots Grand Opening!

It’s our big day!  CrossFit Roots is excited to announce its Grand Opening at 8th and Pearl Street in downtown Boulder, Colorado.  Join us today from 10-2 to celebrate, learn about CrossFit, and, if you’d like, try a workout.  We’ll have great food from local Boulder spots and offer chances to win CrossFit Roots t-shirts and training.

Thanks to the following people for their guidance, advice, support, and encouragement:
Cam, Trish, and Trevor Gibson
Steve, Melody, and Stefanie Christensen
Tom and Tracie Holcomb
Matt and Lisa Brown – your trailer rocks!
Molly Molter
Emily Molter
Matt and Cherie Chan
Pat Burke and Janelle Dunn
Jenna Rettenmeyer
John Brown
Brian Chontosh
Laura and Bob Cory
Noel Sullivan
Skip and Jodi Miller
Mike Wade

Thanks to The Cup Espresso Cafe, Big Mouth Foods, Nick n’ Willy’s Famous, Illegal Pete’s, Nicole Olexa Massage, and Renewable Choice Energy for being a part of today’s event.

Most of all, thanks to our members who made today possible.  Thank you for taking a chance on us.  It is a dream come true to coach, teach, and work with each of you.  We are honored to call you our athletes.

This is where it all started.  Frost covered pull-up bar and all.

This is where it all started. Frost covered pull-up bar and all.

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