Thank you to the many folks who came out to attend and participate in the Town Hall Meeting this past Monday. It was helpful to hear your feedback, ideas, and concerns through constructive conversation.

We wanted to update everyone that on Wednesday it was announced that Greg Glassman will sell CrossFit to Eric Roza. You can learn more about that here. This is obviously the change we were looking for! We are excited to see where CrossFit can go and also hope that with new leadership, CrossFit will still stay true to the methodology.

A number of people asked that I share what I shared at the beginning of the Town Hall. You can find that here.

Next Steps

Eric and I are going out of town this weekend through next week. When we return, we’ll take our first steps to address what we learned at the Town Hall Meeting.

Arlene has offered to lead the charge on gathering interested people together that want to support this effort. Stay tuned for more details on how to get involved.

Finally, here are a few things you can do to support various causes connected to the social justice movement, CrossFit, and our community.

Peace Flag

Jess and Jen have organized to bring the Peace Flag Project to Boulder. You can learn more and donate here. Jess and Jen will reach out to get you your flag!

At the Town Hall, Jess gave a flag to Roots and it now proudly hangs alongside our other flags.

The mission of the Rainbow Peace Flag Project is to extend kindness and caring across national borders, with love that includes people of all sexualities, genders, abilities, religions, races, political views, and cultures, and to condemn acts of violence and hatred, embracing peaceful dialogue instead.

Purchase Your Black Health Matters T-Shirt

Roots has ordered a number of Black Health Matters t-shirts that will be available for sale in the Roots store in the next few weeks!

Shirts are $25 and shirt proceeds will be used to fund CrossFit HCS’s reopening as well as to restart its community initiatives through its nonprofit: Robin Hood Fitness.

Robin Hood Fitness is “a redistribution of health” bringing general physical preparedness to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access. Robin Hood Fitness is access for all who may be deterred by cost, acceptance, or accessibility.

You can learn more about the Black Health Matters shirt, what it supports, and more HERE.

Meet SayKay Brown and Heather Lenfestey of CrossFit HCS in Detroit. Proceeds from the Black Health Matters tee go to support the reopening of CrossFit HCS and its nonprofit organization Robin Hood Fitness.

Add Your Contact to This List for Andrea

As mentioned at the Town Hall, Andrea sends a weekly email newsletter that curates Federal, State, and Local news and actions that you can take to support the upcoming election and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sign up here if you want to receive the newsletter!