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8 x 200m run
rest 1:00 minute between rounds
Score is total time

Rice, Dizon, and Sampo at the 2012 CrossFit Games. So gentlemen, was the event all it's cracked up to be? Worth the trip to Carson?

That’s a Season

The 2012 CrossFit Games season came to a close last night.  Click here for scores, details, and recaps.

4 Responses

  1. Chris Dizon

    Good fun had by all. Great weather…. a great crowd…. plenty of good vantage points to watch the events… and a non-stop schedule of events.
    The CF Games…… yes, they are very exciting to watch but what I find more compelling is that, as crossfitters, we can actually relate to the athletes on the floor.
    We have all gone to that ugly place. We all know how bad Fran can be. We all do Oly lifts. We all lift heavy shit!! We might not do the WODs as fast as they can or we may not be able to lift as much as they lift but unlike other Pro sports, we, the spectators, can understand and relate to the athletes. A pretty cool connection
    The games are also pretty insightful. These are some of the best CF athletes in the world and they probably got to the Games by doing movements and lifts efficiently and in proper form so it was a great opportunity to see how they do it live in action. While watching many of the events I found myself critiquing the athletes form and thinking things like “…. ah, so that is what a good snatch position looks like” and figuring out what I need to do to improve.
    If you have the means, YES, go to the CF Games at least once. It’s a pretty great experience.
    Anyone have plans to go next year?

    1. Miles

      I almost bought the limited access tickets and a flight two days before it started. Definitely going next year.

    2. After watching as much as I could via the website this year, I really want to go watch in person next year. The best thing I saw (though I hardly saw all of it) was watching the entire stadium count down reps for the last competitor (maybe David Levey? I think he was from the Africa regionals) to finish one of the workouts. You could see his whole demeanor change when that countdown started — like he got twice as strong all of a sudden.

      1. Ericspouts

        It is so awesome that the last person to finish a heat gets so much help from the crowd. Having 10 people yell when finishing a workout is motivating… imagine 1000x that!