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Details for the Open at Roots


Details for the Open at Roots

Hang power snatch 3-3-3-3-3 reps

‘Tis the Season

Here we go.  Tomorrow kicks off the competition season of CrossFit.  Whether you enjoy CrossFit as a fitness regiment or a sport, the next six weeks will be an inspiring and motivating series of events.

Here are the details on how Roots will run the Open in-house on Thursdays

Roots will program the Open WOD for all of the group classes on Thursday of each week.  Athletes must sign-up for a regularly scheduled group class.  Within the group classes, we will run heats as needed to cover the judging requirements.  If you are not signed up to compete in the Open through you can still do the workout on Thursday (of course!) but we will not provide you with a judge.

Cost: There is no cost through Roots for Roots athletes to do the workouts on Thursdays, although you still must sign-up for a group class on MBO.  If you are visiting and would like to drop-in, the cost is $20/class and you can arrange a drop-in by visiting here.

Here are the details on the MBS/Roots/Verve Saturday event

Each Saturday, CrossFits MBS, Roots, and Verve will host the workout at one of the three locations.  If you are not able to make the Thursday option at Roots, you can get in your workout on Saturday.  There is a $20/drop-in fee to do the workout at on of the other affiliates.  Sign-up for the Saturday events will be posted Wednesday morning prior to the Saturday on the website of the hosting affiliate.

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  1. Molly Molter

    Awww yeah here we go! Shit’s gonna get rowdy at Roots these next 6 weeks. Let’s go Sectional’s Crew! Woot Woot!