Many folks have noticed that the Skill Work that has been a staple in our programming over the past three years has been absent since The Open (yes, someone asked us if Skill Work died:). After The Open we took some time to evaluate this work and consider other elements we could do in a 10-minute window to supplement the workout of the day and your longterm fitness growth and development.

Enter midline and accessory work.

For the next few months, we’ll take some time away from Skill Work specifically centered around chest-to-bar pull-ups, muscle-ups, toes-to-bar, rope climbs, and handstand push-ups and instead incorporate midline (that’s right, abs, but erectors and obliques too!) and accessory work.

CrossFit movements are fantastic at cross development because there is synergistic transference in every movement. We’re confident that as you dive into the work for the next few months that it will also contribute to the development of the skills listed above.

Midline work is much as it sounds – focused on the core. CrossFit movements follow core-to-extremity movement patterns and most folks who come to CrossFit find that their appendages are much stronger than their core (i.e. you could deadlift more weight if your back didn’t have to stay straight – in other words, your legs are stronger than what your core can support – it should be the other way around). Accessory work focuses on working areas that over time, can become underserved because of training type or work and play balance.

Here’s what you can expect to see in the programming over the next few months. You’ll see 2-4 of these efforts each week during your hour class. Brought to you by The Bash Brothers – Connor and Dave.

Midline: March and Hold
With a partner:
AMRAP 8 Minutes:
Partner A: Front Rack Barbell March
Partner B: Max Hang from pull-up bar

Athletes will load a barbell with a heavy front squat weight. Partner 1 will hold the bar in a front rack and march in place. Partner 2 will hang from the pull-up bar. When either partner needs to stop the exercise they are on, partners will immediately switch.

Midline: Kettle Toes
Every 2:00 for 4 sets:
15 Toes to Kettlebell
Max D-Ball Hold in Remaining Time

Grunt Work
With a partner, alternating efforts and working through all movements, work through the following for 8 minutes:
• 100m KB Carry where one KB is held in the front rack and the other KB is held locked out overhead
• 100m Farmer Carry using KBs, DBs, or farmer carry handles
• 100m Sandbag carry

This is to be done in a “you go, I go” style where Partner 1 wlil do the KB Carry, and then Partner 2 will do the same. They will then move on to the Farmer Carry, Partner 2 following Partner 1. Teams of 2 can start on any movement and work through the list consecutively.

Accessory: Shoulder/Back
Three rounds or 20 minutes (whichever comes first), work through:
1. 1:00/side internal shoulder rotation with shoulder pinned by barbell
2. 8 Cuban rotations
3. 15 Banded “reverse hypers” on GHD
4. 30-sec Weighted plank + 8 side hip raises per side

Accessory: Hip/Hammy
Three rounds or 20 minutes (whichever comes fiirst), work through:
1. 8 Hamstring curl in ring strap
2. 8 Jefferson curls with empty barbell as most weight needed
3. 50 Banded march
4. Internal/external squat rotations