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Did You Get Your First Bar Muscle-up?


Did You Get Your First Bar Muscle-up?

9-15-21 reps for time of:
Row for calories
115-lb. power snatches

These folks, and a few others, go their first bar muscle-up during 16.3!

These folks, and a few others, go their first bar muscle-up during 16.3!

The results are in after yesterday’s final day to work through 16.3!
When it was all said and done, 31 of you got your first bar muscle-up this past week. Congratulations!
Did you think you would be able to do it? What skills do you want now, or now think possible, because of your new achievement? Post to comments. 

3 Responses

  1. I thought there was an outside chance I could get one, and it was nice to know I was on the board no matter what with the snatches coming first, which took some pressure off. Watching Molly and Tracy in warmup I saw a way to get more forward momentum and that was the final bit of help I needed I guess. I still need to get HSPU and of course the “real” muscle-up, the ring muscle-up. I figure both are possible for me; like all the other movements, it’s just a matter of dedicating the time to get some added specific strength, and to dial in the technique.

  2. K-Dub

    It was so inspiring to see so many people hit their bar muscle ups! Watching the open in general is incredibly inspiring. There’s a special kind of magic at Roots…good coaching and amazing dedicated people. Awesome sauce!

  3. Annette Brownlee Elton

    I did get one on Monday after three days of watching, trying, listening, trying again, and watching some more. Thank goodness we have an old school park near our house with a perfect bar for practicing! There were a lot of small pieces to put together and while I still need to work on those pieces, being able to pull off 3 of them on Monday felt huge. I’ve always wanted to be able to walk on my hands so that’s a goal – maybe not for 2016 but something that I am committed to mastering :D.