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Did You PR?


Did You PR?

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6 rounds:
20m shuttle sprint
rest 3min
6 rounds:
20m shuttle sprint
rest 3min
6 rounds:
20m shuttle sprint


Paula turned in 9 toes-to-bar for the first time while doing 15.1.  There’s no doubt that the little extra push of the Open helps athletes accomplish new things.  Nice work Paula!

Did You PR?

The stories that have come out of last week’s 15.1/a experience have been nothing short of inspiring.  The coaches have heard from athletes about how they PR’ed their clean & jerk (for a few by 20 pounds?!), got their first toes-to-bar, did the workout RX when they thought they couldn’t, or put up 75 and 115lb snatches for the first time.

We want to hear from you!  Post to comments your experience from 15.1/a.  Did you PR?  Did you do something you thought you couldn’t?  Did you have fun?

And don’t forget, 15.2 gets underway tonight at 6pm for the second live announcement.  Tune in to at 6pm MST to hear the workout and watch the head to head workout.  As always, we’ll be streaming the live announcement on the TV at the shop.

Here is what you need to know for Week 2!

The WOD, 15.2, will be announced live on Thursday at 6pm via a broadcast on the CrossFit Games site.  Thursday night, by 9pm, we will have the heat times for Friday nights events listed in MBO.

For the Friday Night Lights, you will sign-up for a heat just as you do for classes.  It’s important to note that the time (heat) you sign-up for is the time your WOD will BEGIN, so you’ll want to get there earlier to get with the Warmup Coach and get warm.

YellowBelly Chicken will deliver pre-ordered dinners.  Pre-order your dinner here and please remember to bring cash or check for payment.  We encourage everyone to stick around for food, friends, and fun.  Please BYOB as we will not have beer on-site like last week.

We’ll be raffling off a host of goodies from Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips!

Once you have completed the WOD you will be handed a slip of paper with your score and your judges name on it.  You will need to submit that information to the CrossFit Games site for validation and can do so using the shop computer before you even leave!  Score submissions are due by Monday at 5pm and they take no exceptions.  We will do an initial round of validation on Sunday so you may not see your score until then.  We will do a final score validation on Monday.

This is as much a social as it is a competition so please bring your friends and family too! 

Athletes from other CrossFits are welcome to participate if they are registered for The Open, but please reserve your spot by contacting [email protected] in advance.

See you all Friday!

Questions?  Post to comments. 

Photos from last week’s Open workout can be found on our Flickr page.  Thanks Andrew for the great shots!

8 Responses

  1. Googs

    Oh yeah, I PR’ed! Going into 15.1, my 1RM snatch was 110#, and for the Clean & Jerk it was 135#. The goal was to get one snatch at 115#. When that happened, the goal became to get all five snatches somehow and get back to the toes-to-bar, which I did. So I hit my PR, five times, in the span of a few minutes! For 15.1a, I knew I could C&J 135, that was an old PR, so I just got that out of the way and put 145# on the bar. I remember telling myself “OK, that is going up over your head, that’s all there is to it”, and that’s exactly what happened. I still had time so I put another ten pounds on and that went up over my head too. Three PR’s in 15 minutes, I’ll take it for week one. Surely the recent Oly Foundations classes I took with Ryan helped, but it’s also just that extra “Open Juice” that flows, that makes shit happen.

  2. Andrew

    So this was my first open workout as an athlete at Roots and it was nothing short than amazing. I was really worried going into the workout since 115 is right up near my one rep max, but felt good during warm up so I decided to try it Rx. I failed the first four or five attempts at the 115 clean during the workout, but ended up getting seven during the course of the WOD. Moved onto the clean and jerk and let the adrenaline take over. Ended up with 160, which was a 25 lb PR over my previous one. All in all, it was a super fun night as my first open workout as an open participant at Roots.

  3. Yovanna Romero

    Altough, I didnt do RX the Open WOD, because I was nervous about it and also because it was my first time I signed up for the Open, so anyway I had so much fun and enjoyed as much as I could doing the Open. Instead of toes-to-bar I did knees to shoulder and when I did 55# snatch, I felt like “I can do this” but this was a little bit heavy for me because the last time I did a snatch it was 35#, but it wasn’t an excuse so the thing is that I tried and I finished them.
    Clean and Jerk came like a surprise! I PRed with 20# more than the last time (65#). I really was and I am still so happy about it.
    Participating in the Open is way too exciting than I thought because of the friendship and partnership you find every time you do the wod and how people cheer you up during the work out. My first and very nice experience doing the Open.

    1. Emily Moore

      BTW, I love where you say “so the thing is that I tried and I finished them.” Yes you did! That’s my new motto for the Open. 🙂

  4. Emily Moore

    This is my 3rd year doing the open, and my big goal is to complete all five workouts (couldn’t do some things RX the first year, and last year I didn’t finish 14.5). I was pretty stoked about 15.1 when it was announced. I was actually kind of bummed on Sunday with how I did on the first part – the snatches we so much harder after the toes-to-bar than I had anticipated…but I was super excited about PR’ing my clean and jerk. Later, I decided to get over my disappointment – just get over it, Emily. Last year’s Open is when I got my first toes-to-bar (17 in total by the end), and this year I did a solid 45. Plus, I snatched my 1 rep max weight 10 times…so what’s there to be disappointed about?